Niels Bijl



Mesmerising phrasing and tone

Jabra Latham, Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music, 04 September 2010

Niels Bijl's Mozaik

Bijl has put together and album entirely satisfying to both the passing and the attentive listener. The program is somehow rich and varied, spanning several centuries, whilst maintain an almost uncanny continuity. There's as sense of moving from the serene through the phrenetic without the least contradiction, shock or discomfort. Mozaik marries its repertoire perfectly and introduces lovers of the familiar to something new, and to the lovers of the new offers a genuine reninspiration of the familiar. The transciptions are realised with intellignence, taste, credibility and are entirely successful. One does not, for a second, question the tenor saxophone's place in Schubert, Scriabin or Faure - an acheivement too often lacking in the recorded classical saxophone. Bijl's playing in classy, subtle, humble and perhaps most importantly employs memsmerising phrasing and tone. With conviction Mozaik lends itself to a target market more broad than the majority of classical saxophone recordings and is deserving of success, respect and many listens.

Jabra Latham
Instructor in Classical Saxophone, Chamber Music and Performance
Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music