Niels Bijl

The Four Baritones

Maybe the best Sax Quartet in the world: Four Baritone Saxophones! This instrument is finally freed from its limited existence as bass part in a "normal" quartet and can show everyone that it is the most flexible of the saxophones. No surprise that Adolphe Sax invented this instrument as first in the saxophone family!

The Four Baritones is an ensemble that started roughly ten years ago when four friends William Raaijman, Erik Abbink, Ties Mellema and Niels Bijl decided it was time to combine their shared love for this instrument. For a number of years they played and toured, with original repertoire and wild arrangements of Beethoven, Led Zeppelin and others. But unfortunately the ensemble slowly came to an end when Erik moved to Canada and, a few years later, William sadly passed away way before his time....

The memories stayed, and, years later, fueled Ties and Niels (slightly pressured by their friends and family) to jumpstart this ensemble with the international help of two newfound Bari-freaks: Lars Niederstrasser (D) and Michael Jamieson (NZ). Now a completely new ensemble can be added to the rich chamber music culture of the Netherlands.